Research Reports

Why Workday Go-Live is just the start

Why Workday Go-Live is just the start - front cover image

Technical implementation is important, but Workday Optimisation depends on what happens after Go-Live. Based on interviews and surveys with organisations that have implemented Workday in the last three years, this report explains how your organisation can ensure sustained success.


Workday Optimisation: 28 questions to ask yourself about your Workday project

Workday Optimisation - A 28-point checklist

A 28-point checklist to help you ensure you're getting the most out of Workday.


Adapting for the Future - Organisation Design and Workforce Analytics

Charlotte Gatehouse considers the barriers to effective organisation design and provides a three-pronged approach based on our extensive experience with complex organisations over the last ten years.


The Shape of the 2020 Workforce and the Impact of IR35

IR35 Workforce Report Cover

This new report explores the challenges and opportunities of the amendments to IR35 that come into force in 2020. We consider the human and cultural side of the changes and consider the implications for organisation and workforce design.


Business Transformation - Why do we keep on getting it wrong? (Third Edition)

Business Transformation report cover

Now in its third edition, this report has been updated and streamlined, and provides more than 20 ways to overcome the six most common mistakes in business transformation.


Is it time for a new kind of leader in local government?

Is it time for a new kind of leader in Local Government?

Building on our earlier leadership research report, this paper looks at the unprecedented challenges facing leaders in local government and asks whether these new challenges need a new kind of leadership.


The Changing Role of Public Sector HR in a Digital World

Cover of the changing role of HR in a digital world - Public Sector

While the digital revolution is often positioned as delivering benefits, such as creating automated efficiency in the workplace or fundamentally changing the way we work, it is also seen as an exclusive prerogative of a niche group of IT specialists. This has to change and HR needs to take a leading role.


Business Transformation in Local Government

Business Transformation in Local Government

This summary of some of the critical issues facing leaders of change in local government aims to help anyone facing transformation in the sector to consider some of the key issues.


The Future of Shared Services in the Public Sector

Future Shared Services in the Public Sector cover image

This report looks to commercial Shared Services models to identify lessons for the Public Sector. Of course, many governmental organisations have already made great strides in this area. As more explore this evolving area, and existing users evolve their models, this report looks to the future to help organisations gain the long view. 


Optimising customer experience in local government - The changing role of customers, employees and leaders in local government

Optimising the customer experience in local government

How should a resident’s experience of interacting with their local council compare with their latest ASOS order and return? This report looks at customer experience lessons for local government from the private sector. How does a local business’s online planning application compare with their latest request for car insurance? This report looks at customer experience in the private sector an...