Workday Optimisation: 28 questions to ask yourself about your Workday project


Workday is a powerful and innovative tool to help businesses manage data about their people.

It offers a service-based architecture to provide a consistent set of processes covering the whole employee lifecycle and day-to-day events such as absence management.

However, with this versatility comes a complexity that makes it difficult to fully realise the significant benefits Workday can provide.

Until you optimise Workday for your business, you will not be maximising your return on the investment.

This paper gives you a framework to help you review your current Workday deployment and support structures, test and challenge the way you are currently using Workday, and build a plan to realise the potential of your investment. 


Workday expert, John Brady, has drawn on years of experience in HRIS selection, implementation and optimisation to develop this handy checklist.

It highlights the common challenges that are encountered after Workday has been implemented, particularly when this has been rushed to meet a deadline or in response to pressure from stakeholders.

Answering these questions honestly will give you a clear idea of why Workday may not be delivering everything you hoped for. This will form the basis of an action plan to address any issues. 

In part two of this short white paper, John explains a six-step process for Workday Optimisation with an illustrative example of how we would run such a project. 

We hope you find it useful. Do get in touch if we can help. 

Last updated: 30 Jul 2020