Optimising the customer experience - the changing role of customers, employees and leaders


5 challenges facing organisations looking for excellence in their customers' experience and 10 ideas to overcome them. With contributions from Avis, Pick n Pay, West Midlands Police and John Lewis.

With contributions from customer service experts like Ian Golding and John Knell, our latest research report, Optimising the Customer Experience, is available for download at the link below. 

Customer Expectations have changed

This is an exciting yet challenging time for organisations. Customer service, a key element in any customer-facing businesses, is in crisis. Today’s customers are hyper-connected, they literally attack information. They expect instant access to basically everything from products to information to services.

Loyalty to a brand is earned not just through quality products but through quality customer experiences. Customers expect to be ‘part’ of the process – central participants in a process that starts way before an initial purchase and finishes a long time after. They expect to be served when, where and how it suits them – be it by phone, chat, Skype, text or Twitter.

Customer Experiences are disjointed

Organisations’ centres of gravity are generally in the wrong place to meet these customer expectations. Traditional ways of working, operating principles and values based on a set of externally imposed KPIs and automation internally means misalignment when it comes to delivering the multi-faceted experience that customers expect.

Companies need to make changes that impact the customer experience, but they need to do it in an integrated cross-functional way, not putting corporate obstacles in the way of understanding customers.

Customer preferences must be central to transformation activities throughout the organisation. It’s about aligning work processes to a new customer culture. It’s about realigning centres of gravity within the organisation to form a community – a community that the customer feels part of and loyal towards.

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Last updated: 17 Jul 2017