Is it time for a new kind of leader in local government?


Building on our earlier leadership research report, this paper looks at the unprecedented challenges facing leaders in local government and asks whether these new challenges need a new kind of leadership. 

It seems that the skills that got us to where we are today will not be those we need to get to where we need to be tomorrow. So can today's leaders develop those skills?



Certainly understanding the skills needed to deal with current and future issues will be critical to any leader looking for career legacy and longevity. 

The good news is that understanding the current and future themes of change is as positive for the organisation as it is for the individual. 

We've identified five key themes which are explored in this report, together with calls to action for local government leaders who want to know how to address them:

  • Theme 1 - Citizens, employees and politicians are in the driving seat
  • Theme 2 - Leading change is more than vision and strategy
  • Theme 3 - It’s about alignment, not hierarchy
  • Theme 4 - Are Local Government super tankers too big to innovate and change direction?
  • Theme 5 - Authenticity – are you for real?

Download the report to understand these themes and what you can begin to do now to address them.

And if you wish to discuss the report or the themes in more detail please get in touch

Last updated: 13 Jul 2018