Delivering on the HRIS promise


This newly updated report combines insight gained from hands-on experience of specifying and implementing HR Information Systems, with the findings from research and conversations with leading HR professionals.


Third edition: includes a new section on Platform as a Service. 

How do businesses who are looking to take advantage of HRIS approach 

  • the challenge of creating a business case in order to secure investment?
  • the challenge of ensuring users ‘buy-in’ to the new system and therefore embrace the change in culture required? 
  • choosing the right vendor and ensuring a successful systems implementation?

This report looks to identify the key drivers for successful HRIS implementation and utilisation, learning from the experiences of those who have already gone through or are currently investigating or undertaking the transformation. Through these conversations as well as in-depth research into the market, we hope to offer the reader the rationale for creating or validating their check-list of ‘must haves’ or ‘must do’s’ for the end-to-end implementation process.

Last updated: 24 Jan 2019