Business Transformation - Why do we keep on getting it wrong? (Third Edition)


Now updated and streamlined for its third edition, our Business Transformation research report identifies the most common reasons why business transformations get into difficulties before presenting five ways in which you can keep your project on track.

It includes more than 20 practical recommendations for successful business transformation, based on interviews with industry leaders who have done it successfully, examination of case studies and our own in-house expertise.

We'd value your feedback for the next edition. 

Successful transformation requires strong vision and a clear strategy that engages all stakeholders and defines the expected outcomes. Even with a clear strategy, an organisation will only achieve true transformation when it has a clear view of how to go about achieving those goals. A clear path enables the business to consider all aspects of the transformation that need to be taken into account.

Once the destination and path have been defined, knowing what resources you will require is critical to success. Are the skill sets and expertise available? Will additional resources be required? Strong governance will keep your initiative focused and on track. Finally, old habits die hard – true and sustained business transformation must be culturally ingrained.

If these statements are true and obvious, it begs the question - why are successful transformations so few and far between? And what can we do to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again?

This report explores the most common mistakes and gives practical recommendations to help you avoid them. 


Last updated: 5 Sep 2019