Business Transformation in Local Government


As local government continues to meet the challenge of more years of austerity and savings, fresh thinking and new styles of working have become even more pressing. Significant change often happens when there is no other option - and although it can feel uncomfortable, or counter-intuitive, being open to new ideas that pull us away from our normal ways of thinking and working is vital to making transformation happen.


Local Government doesn’t always have the best track record when it comes to turning new ideas into sustainable transformation. It’s not that councils and their employees lack innovation or can’t achieve improvements and cost savings. They can – as evidenced by the £331 million of benefits to the public and public services during the 2011 Customer-Led Transformation programme under the direction of the LGDC and LGA.

But ultimately these savings largely come from projects and initiatives. In order to reap the bene ts more fully, local government needs to do what business is incentivised to do and undergo full transformation.

Our work with the public sector has given us an understanding of the unique set of challenges faced and the critical elements needed to drive transformation in local government.

This report summarises some of our observations on this challenge. 

Last updated: 6 Sep 2018