Research Reports

The Future of Shared Services in the Public Sector

Future Shared Services in the Public Sector cover image

This report looks to commercial Shared Services models to identify lessons for the Public Sector. Of course, many governmental organisations have already made great strides in this area. As more explore this evolving area, and existing users evolve their models, this report looks to the future to help organisations gain the long view. 


Optimising customer experience in local government - The changing role of customers, employees and leaders in local government

Optimising the customer experience in local government

How should a resident’s experience of interacting with their local council compare with their latest ASOS order and return? This report looks at customer experience lessons for local government from the private sector. How does a local business’s online planning application compare with their latest request for car insurance? This report looks at customer experience in the private sector an...


It's time for a new kind of leader

Cover image of It's Time

In this report, based on interviews with leaders, secondary research and examination of best practice, we identify eight themes that are driving the agenda for leadership change.


Optimising the customer experience - the changing role of customers, employees and leaders

Customer experience report

Customer Expectations have changed This is an exciting yet challenging time for organisations. Customer service, a key element in any customer-facing businesses, is in crisis. Today’s customers are hyper-connected, they literally attack information. They expect instant access to basically everything from products to information to services. Loyalty to a brand is earned not just through quality p...


Performance Management - What's the point?

Performance management report

Drawing on best practice case studies, interviews with business leaders and academics, and our own extensive experience this report presents 19 recommendations for high performing performance management systems.


Business transformation – Why do we keep on getting it wrong?

Business transformation report

Latest thinking from business leaders on how to increase your chance of transformation success.


Delivering on the HRIS promise

HRIS Research report

Best practice advice for HRIS selection and implementation. Includes a checklist for selecting your HRIS vendor and a new section on PaaS.