Performance Management

Performance management has lost credibility.

Too often seen as a burden forced on overstretched line managers, the potential value is hidden, buried under a pile of administration and paperwork.

Yet recognising good performance has never been more important.

A new generation of employee, nurtured on instant feedback and informal communications will soon form the majority of the workforce.

And their expectations are high.

A new approach to performance management

Our research paper, Performance Management - What's the Point? informs our approach.
Based on interviews with business leaders and HR experts who have implemented approaches to performance management that work, combined with our own hands-on experience, the report presents five drivers for success, underpinned by 19 specific recommendations.

We use this framework to design an approach to performance management that recognises and enhances performance.

One way we can do this is by using innovative technology such as apps and ways of communicating that are as intuitive and easy to use as popular social media platforms.
Our technology partners have created apps for the likes of Barclays, Bank of Ireland, Diamond Bank, ARM, Manchester Airport Group and Shipowners.


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