No one person in an organisation should feel the challenge and responsibility of leadership is theirs and theirs alone, but it’s important you have the right individuals and the right capabilities in place to drive business success. 

And nowhere is this more true than in your top tiers of leadership. 

So how can you judge if you have the balance right?

Our four stage assessment process, delivered by experienced and qualified assessors, provides a comprehensive view of your leaders and the potential leaders of the future. 

Leadership Assessment

Organisational assessment for context, performance, competitor landscape, market disruption, external environment 

  • Personality Assessment – using NEO PI-R, the psychometric test
  • Performance Derarilers – using the Hogan Development Survey to identify personality-based risks
  • Motives, Value  and Preferences – using the Hogan MVP Inventory to describe the core goals, values and interests. 
  • Interviews and 360 with our highly qualified assessors using comprehensive tools 

Pulse Diagnostic

Where companies already have data but lack targeted actions our organisation, team and individual  Pulse Diagnostic will rapidly translate your existing data into insight and draw our the story behind the numbers. 

Data and insight

Our approach is insight-led - rich, objective qualitative and quantitative data and insight at an individual and aggregate leadership team level. 

Personalised Leadership and Team Report

This data and insights is used to provide a personalised leadership and team report. Depending on the level of assessment required this ranges from a bullet point summary report to a comprehensive, but concise, description of the individual's leadership capability and the psychological factors which underpin it. 

Unlike most assessment reports, which are computer-generated, our reports are written by the experienced Assessor who conducted the assessment and are quality assured by a second assessor. The rigour of this approach means we can provide clear opinions about individuals that enables clients to make decisions with confidence. 


The assessment process enables your leaders to identify the skills to work with, those they need to work on and those they need to work around. 

Our Assessors are experienced in a range of assessment instruments, including the Primary Colours Model of Leadership


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