Leadership and Performance

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A new kind of leadership

The raison d’etre of all organisations, and by association their leaders, is to deliver results - now and in the future.

In a business environment that has become infinitely less predictable, and customers and employees who have become far more knowledgeable and demanding, traditional models of leadership are no longer good enough.

To succeed leaders and organisations need to be able to anticipate these developments in expectations and renew themselves to sustain and grow. 

Constant innovation and new, disruptive competitors require more agile and responsive leaders. Leaders need to act rapidly and create a sense of urgency in others if they are to outpace change. 

John Kotter calls this ‘Accelerated Leadership’.

But accelerating pace without clear direction or purpose runs the risk of derailment. Staying on track needs focus, prioritisation and a new way of seeing things; placing the customer at the heart of every decision. 

It demands a style of leadership that uses the strengths of each member of the leadership team to their full potential, creating a collaborative approach through a common language and a shared sense of purpose that engages heads, hands and heart.

And that means leadership that is focused on results now and in the future. 

 "Superb work by many people in mind-blowingly complex and changing circumstances. Thanks for your leadership and influence in the momentum we have seen and in sharing a clear, comprehensive way forward. I know from listening to colleagues that you are having a massive impact in the short and intense time you have been with us. Thank you!"
Chief Superintendent, West Midlands Police 

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