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Adding value and building competitive advantage in the consumer value chain

The value chain between the manufacturer, retailer, shopper and consumer is complex and undergoing significant change. Each link in the chain offers opportunities for competitive advantage through differentiation and operational efficiencies. But the downside is a risk of disconnects and inefficiencies, and a negative impact on revenue and profitability. 

Evidence shows that whilst many firms have excellent strategies in place, there are gaps – such as lack of insight, process disconnects, and structural silos – when it comes to implementation, and performance suffers as a result.

The future belongs to those who can deliver on both strategic and operational excellence.


Few industries have seen such significant changes in their business environment and customer expectations than consumer goods.

Online shopping, the emergence of omni-channel retailing and shoppers and consumers demanding ever more personalised experiences have placed pressure on all participants in the value chain.

Many organisations have invested heavily to respond, embracing digital and collecting data on every transaction and interaction.

And yet many of the same challenges remain:

  • Responding to pressure from retail customers for faster, better, cheaper and more profitable products
  • Ensuring availability and logistical control
  • Addressing the threats posed by of increasingly sophisticated competitors
  • Differentiating in a way that is genuinely distinctive and meaningful to shoppers and consumers
  • Increasing household penetration, frequency and weight of purchase
  • Improving visibility, availability, share of wallet and shelf space through operational excellence.

Value and competitive advantage are created and lost in variety of ways. Fundamentally it is about flawless execution or operational excellence.

For example, it is possible to be data rich yet insight poor. In the same vein a business can be insight rich yet fail to drive optimal value out of such rich insights.

These operational disconnects can be seen in Marketing, Sales, Operations, Logistics, and all the way through to Retail – with consequent loss in revenue and profits for both manufacturer and retailer.

For a manufacturer, the consequences are not limited to the financial impact due to loss in market share; there is often reputational damage too.

Clearly, this is not an issue to be overlooked – and if you do, be assured your competitors will not.

What we do

Change Associates helps manufacturers and retailers increase sales and profitability by:

  1. Increasing revenue generation through marketing effectiveness
  2. Reducing costs through operational efficiency. 

In our experience, organisations in the consumer market space are often data rich but don’t always turn that data into insight or turn that insight into a plan that is executed seamlessly and flawlessly.

Which is where we can help.

We begin by looking within your organisation, testing for redundancies, duplication, disconnects and operational inefficiencies. We tap into your data and expertise to analyse your demand side chain with a fresh perspective.

Whilst we adapt our approach to each client, the following methodology forms the core of what we do:

  • We look at the links between Marketing, Sales, Operations and Logistics
  • Demand side analysis – we deconstruct the manufacturer-retailer-shopper-consumer value chain, link-by-link for a comprehensive understanding of the key issues and opportunities.
  • Where necessary, we look upstream, from raw materials supply through to materials planning, identifying areas for efficiency and improvement.
  • We run workshops with your team to discuss the issues at each stage, identifying disconnects and understanding why they happen.
  • We work with your team to create a detailed implementation plan with clear, prioritised actions which your team can work with or we can help you to execute.


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