Workday implementation guidance saves gaming company €200k a year

Recognised as a global leader in interactive and digital entertainment, our client is a leading name in gaming products, services and software.

The challenge

Our client’s US office had implemented a core Workday solution. The HRIS was live but still in the ‘hypercare’ period, where the final issues were being addressed

The European division wanted to implement Workday and needed objective advice on whether to use the US tenant, follow the wider global instance, or implement their own version.

They asked Change Associates to help.

What we did

Adopting the American instance initially appeared to be an unattractive option because of its configuration to the US way of working and a subscription model that was perceived as expensive.

Calling on years of experience in Workday projects, Change Associates’ consultants demonstrated that the European operations could establish their own processes within the American tenant.

Our analysis showed that using the US tenant as a basis would save time and money. We provided a balanced and costed rationale for why this option would give Europe all the functionality and control they wanted, cost effectively.

As a result, the European division chose to adopt the American instance and asked our consultants to help them get organised to support the implementation and post go-live roll out.

We introduced new governance procedures and advised on an organisation design to better coordinate with the US programme.

We restructured the HR function to temporarily release capacity from the HR operations team. This meant five FTEs could be dedicated to the programme.

Finally, we provided a part-time on-site Workday consultant to advise the HR Director on prioritisation and execution, and to help the project team work effectively with their implementation partners.

The results

  • By adopting the US tenant of Workday, our client saved €200,000 per annum.
  • The Workday implementation was delivered successfully to the agreed timescale.
  • This project paved the way for the company to become more globally coordinated and so overcome a previously federated structure.

For more details

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