As the credit crunch started to bite the client recognised the need to build on existing Performance Management processes and practices if it was to truly engage its people and deliver on its corporate goals in a rapidly changing marketplace.

The organisation was "comfortable" and paternalistic and with a squeeze on margins and poor public perspective of the financial services sector being able to be more commercial and yet maintain its reputation for good customer service was paramount.

There was also a need to deliver a much more consistent approach for staff undertaking volume roles e.g. cashiers, customer service advisors and mortgage specialists across a distributed network and to ensure the approach was aligned within customer contact/call and processing centres and 2 Head Office sites.

The revised approach was delivered from policy through to implementation within 12 weeks and reached circa 22,000 employees and 2,800 managers UK wide within a budget of £1million.

A working group was established to ensure end user input and an Executive Sponsor worked closely with the project team to provide strategic guidance and sign off allowing the work to progress at pace.

Project/business outcomes were
/Clear and consistent approach to PM across the organisation balancing the "what" - task objectives, with the "how" - behaviours
/Common understanding of policy and practice
/Focus on the quality of the conversation not the process
/Adult to adult conversations
/Clear line of sight to corporate objectives to individual objectives
/An understanding of the need to change to face a changing marketplace
/Ownership of PM plans and development plans by employees
/Feedback as a day to day activity with positive intent
/Managing underperformance whilst ensuring PM was seen as a positive management tool
/Staff Association(Union) engagement and support

 Deliverables included
/Communications and engagement approach for all staff, managers and staff representatives
/Support materials e.g. managers guides, simple and clear PM plans, staff communications cascades
/Standard PM plans and objectives for volume roles
/Training courses to upskill managers
/Clear links to annual corporate objectives and regulatory requirements
/A performance related pay and bonus scheme for staff in customer facing roles

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Last updated: 1 Jun 2017