Accelerating HR Transformation in AVIS

AVIS had previously used Change Associates in an organisation-wide business transformation project and been impressed with the company’s proactive and open approach.

So when the leadership wanted to devise a strategy and operating model to further improve the services AVIS’ HR function provided to employees and managers, they got back in touch to ask us to help.

What we did

During our initial conversations, some key areas of focus quickly emerged. Learning and development were viewed as needing modernisation; remunerations system for managers were considered to be too complex; a lack of true shared services solutions meant the function was not as efficient as it could be.

No one wanted to see improvements more than the HR team themselves. The Global SVP for HR sponsored the project and many of his team, at different levels in the functions, were directly involved in the project, resulting in a truly collaborative approach and high levels of buy-in to the end solutions.

We used process assessment, objective analysis of current IT systems and change modelling techniques to create an operating model to meet the needs of the HR team and their internal clients.

Change Associates was able to bring a lot of new insights into the business, so a wider range of options for HR could be considered.

This analysis resulted in a strategy quite different from that originally anticipated and much more relevant to the organisation’s needs.

  • Benchmarking AVIS’ recruitment showed it to be a best in class process and we advised it should remain unchanged.
  • We found inadequate IT systems were the cause of many issues for the HR function and so any improvements would require a significant investment in new systems.
  • Similarly, shared services capabilities fell short of what was needed and also required focus and investment.
  • We identified considerable cost savings through improved vendor management in HR. Combined with the savings that would be realised from the IT investment, these made the proposed changes effectively self-funding.

At the time of writing, Change Associates’ consultants are working with AVIS in the US HQ to implement the proposed changes.

The results

The client was pleased with both the strategy, which was far more comprehensive than they anticipated. The level of engagement and involvement from the HR team surpassed expectations and the EVP of HR expressed surprise at the lack of resistance to change from his team.

The client’s satisfaction with the results is evidenced by an extension of the relationship to now include a significant role in the implementation of the transformation.

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Last updated: 10 Jan 2019