Target Operating Model

A critical element of any business transformation is the immediate challenge of describing the required end state precisely. This means the full potential of the project is not realised and only incremental change is achieved.

A clear Target Operating Model that drives the delivery of your business transformation project will maximise the benefits.

We follow a structured approach, from understanding the needs of the design through to the creation of an implementation plan, that will get approval from your Executive Team.

1 Confirm the design principles

Design principles clarify the expected outcomes of the Target Operating Model, such as delivering improved service, strengthening accountability or supporting success.

2 Capture the “as-is”

We collect data about existing processes, people and systems and how they come together into the operating model. This highlights any issues and provides a baseline from which the impact of the change can be assessed. 

3 Design the “to-be”

We start by understanding the capabilities your business needs and then work with your teams to create operating model options that will put the organisation in the best position to succeed.

4 Select the best design

We work with you to assess the effectiveness of each option against the agreed design principles.

5 Change Impact Assessment

We identify what needs to change to enable the Target Operating Model to be successful. We pick up the nuances your people will feel most acutely, and where there will be requirements for new processes as a result of changes in technology.

6 Build the business case

We build a financial case for your board or decision-making team, clearly describing the anticipated benefits of the new structure and the costs of implementation.  

7 Get sign-off of the change

We ensure the nature and scale of the change is communicated effectively to your key stakeholders, addressing any resistance to the changes before implementation begins.  

8 Plan the implementation

We set the project up for success by ensuring implementation steps and their dependencies are realistic and widely understood. 

“It was obvious within a few weeks of Change Associates arriving on site you would make things happen quickly.”
Guy Johnston Director, Avis Budget Group EMEA

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