Procurement Improvement

Pressurised into identifying ways of cutting cost out of the business, Procurement’s focus often lands on price alone. It's all too easy for critical elements such as value, service and relationships to take second place. 

As a result, not all the potential benefits are realised and valuable opportunities are missed. 

As change specialists, we believe there is a better way of looking at Procurement, by making Procurement professionals the creators and custodians of value-adding supplier relationships. 

We all know that imposing change never works. Change Associates creates lasting changes in culture and behaviours by involving all key players in Procurement in the review and change process. 

Every point of view is heard and everyone has a shared interest in making it work. In this way, getting maximum value from the supply chain becomes everyone’s responsibility. 

Procurement improvement consulting

A Procurement improvement consultation will typically follow three stages:

1 Understand 

We’ll work with you and your staff throughout the organisation to understand how Procurement happens; what’s working well and what needs to be improved. 

We’ll look at people, processes, technology and governance to provide a rounded view of the current state of play. Where change is needed we’ll explain what needs to happen and why. 

2 Plan

We’ll explain how the change needs to happen and the specific benefits you can reasonably anticipate. If you need a business case to convince the board, we’ll develop one with you that is both credible and compelling without making unrealistic promises. 

3 Deliver

Our Procurement and change specialists will work with your teams to implement the changes needed. From negotiating with suppliers on your behalf to full vendor management, we can take on as much or as little of the process as you wish. We’ll run workshops to ensure your people know what they need to do and they have the skills to do it.

This means you'll benefit from far more than just the short-term, low hanging fruit achieved in most procurement improvement programmes. 


Why choose Change Associates?

Our Procurement expertise comes from years of hands-on experience combined with our people-centred change management capabilities. 

We'll encourage your Procurement team to become relationship champions, adding value to departmental buying rather than just policing it. As a result, we'll leave you with a group of Procurement professionals who have a vested interest in making the new approach work.

So you'll continue to see the benefits long after we have gone.

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