Process Improvement

Some Process Improvement consultants get stuck into a routine that forces your project team through an expensive and time-consuming analysis, which may not add any value.

We believe there’s a quicker and more cost-effective way to deliver sustained improvement. We work closely with your teams; we bring the approach and they bring the detailed knowledge of your business and its customers.

As well as producing highly effective solutions, this ensures that your teams feel ownership of the results, significantly increasing the likelihood of a successful implementation.

We assess the level of analysis required with a healthy combination of rigour and pragmatism to tailor what we do to the needs of your business, using the following broad guidelines:

1 Start with the customer

Before recommending any process changes, we clarify precisely who the end customer is and what they want from the process. By doing so we can maintain or improve service levels, whilst achieving objectives such as reducing the cost of processes.

2 Use data to make decisions

We don’t make recommendations for change based on opinion, gut instinct or what a methodology says 'should' work. We collect data and information to enable effective analysis and support decision-making.

3 Understand the root cause of a problem

For a truly sustainable result we create a process that designs out the causes of the problems and is scalable as your business grows.

4 Be creative when designing solutions

We have tools and facilitation skills that will bring out your team's creativity. We then use structured thinking to identify which solution is most effective and right for your business.

5 Embed ongoing measurement and management of the process

We make sure your business is left with the skills, tools and metrics to sustain the gains we make together.

Why Change Associates?

Your in-house process expertise, combined with our tools and guidance, means you get a process that addresses your specific needs. You’ll get more buy-in because your people are involved in the solution.

You’ll get a redesigned process – not just a patched up version of the one that’s failed before - that addresses the needs of your customers and the pain points in your processes.

Your new process will be pragmatic, uncomplicated and easier to manage, measure and communicate. 

Using this process, one recent client secured £400k savings in just eight weeks.  

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