Organisation Design

Change Associates takes a broader perspective of Organisation Design, thinking beyond the existing silos in your organisation.

We start by taking a strategic view, considering the business objectives and the work the organisation needs to do to deliver them. We use this to design new roles and structures, unconstrained by existing team designs.   

The depth of analysis and detail of the design will vary depending on the needs of your project, but the approach we use is consistent and dependable.  

1 Confirm the objectives 

We confirm the aims of the design with stakeholders, including the expected financial benefit.  

2 Document and analyse the “as-is” 

We collect data and information to understand who does what in the current design. This highlights any issues and provides a baseline from which to measure the impact of the change.   

3 Set the design principles 

Setting design principles provides clarity on the outcomes expected from the redesign, such as strengthening accountability or supporting success.

4 Build the high-level design 

Starting at a high level enables us to see the wider context and consider radical changes in the way the business operates. 

5 Build detailed design options and select the best design 

We explore several options and select the optimum design by referring back to the design principles and assessing which ones provide the best opportunity to meet them. 

6 Change Impact Assessment 

We dig into the real detail of what needs to change to enable the new structure to be successful. We pick up the detail around the new processes that are needed, changes in governance and technology impacts.   

7 Build the business case 

We build a financial case for your board or decision-making team, describing the anticipated benefits of the new structure and the costs of implementation.  

8 Gain sign-off of the change 

We work with you to ensure that the nature and scale of the change is understood and communicated effectively with key stakeholders. 

9 Plan the implementation 

We set the project up for success by ensuring the implementation steps and their dependencies are realistic and widely understood.


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Change Associates uses orgvue to ensure the accurate and efficient delivery of your Organisation Design project. 

“The work you carried out in analysing and re-designing our operating model and organisational design is respected across the group by our investors.”

Stuart Branch Group HR Director, Weetabix Food Group

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