Achieving Operational Effectiveness

The management of people, processes, systems and technology is often the responsibility of different functions.

We cut through the silos by bringing these elements together as one operating model, which helps us to understand how your organisation works and identify ways to optimise its effectiveness.


We use OrgVue™ to design and test your operating model and then to manage, monitor and adapt it to your needs and business environment.

This means you avoid the disruption of repeated large-scale transformations and ensure sustainability by embedding change as part of business as usual. 

Our three-phase approach to Operational Effectiveness provides a robust solution and sustained benefits. It’s underpinned by OrgVue to drive speed, reduce cost and minimise risk.

1 Design

We work with you to

  • Confirm the project objectives
  • Document and analyse the as-is
  • Set the design principles
  • Build high-level design options and select the best
  • Carry out the impact assessment
  • Build the business case
  • Plan the implementation

As a result, you will be able to

  • Understand the current state and the reasons for inefficient or ineffective outcomes
  • Confidently explain the new design and demonstrate the financial impact
  • Quickly compare different scenarios and reflect changes in designs throughout, avoiding rework
  • Understand how benefits will be tracked during implementation


2 Implement

Our approach gives you transparency of benefits realisation and the tools to ensure successful implementation.

We will

  • Put processes in place to track benefits at a detailed level
  • Ensure that benefits tracking is aligned with existing corporate processes
  • Project Manage the delivery of changes

As a result, you will be able to

  • Have confidence about the progress of changes
  • Take action if benefits fall behind plan
  • Accurately report the benefit delivered


3 Sustain

Our approach embeds Operational Effectiveness capability and drives continuous improvement. We

  • Define the elements of your operating model, collect the data and set up a model in OrgVue
  • Define the roles and capabilities you need to manage
  • Set up OrgVue reports that will streamline your approach to managing the operating model
  • Define how your new operational effectiveness capability integrates with your Change Agenda.

As a result, you will be able to

  • Assess the effectiveness of your operating model on an ongoing basis, spotting opportunities for improvements and preventing deterioration in performance
  • Model any future required changes and assess the impacts
  • Track and manage the implementation of planned changes, safeguarding delivery of the benefit.

How OrgVue underpins our approach

OrgVue is a data-driven tool that creates interactive graphical illustrations of relationships in organisations, whether that’s between people, systems or resources.

Change Associates uses OrgVue to

  • Load and cleanse data
  • Visualise and analyse
  • Model and refine

OrgVue enables us to

  • Significantly reduce the time taken to analyse data and model changes by 50%
  • Provide data that secure stakeholder buy-in
  • Increase accuracy by reducing or eliminating the risk of miscalculation when working between Excel and PowerPoint.


Why Change Associates?

  • 250 associates with experience of improving operational effectiveness across many industries
  • We combine operational effectiveness skills with subject matter expertise to give you the greatest chance of success.
  • We don’t follow prescriptive approaches – we tailor ours so that it’s right for your organisation.

Most consultancies claim they transfer their knowledge to your team. Change Associates gives you more. We’ll leave you with the infrastructure, skills, tools and software to create a more effective organisation.

And you’ll also see a step-change in the change capability of your teams.

It’s time to stop tampering around the edges and transform your organisation into one that is fit for the future.

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Last updated: 30 Jan 2020