HRIS Selection and Implementation

Whether you're implementing an HR Information System for the first time, replacing an existing system or simply looking to develop a business case to convince your board, it can be a tough prospect, requiring an uncommon set of skills. Indeed, while the benefits can be great, many HRIS fail to fulfil their promise.

Change Associates takes on the pain of HRIS selection and implementation while ensuring you remain in the driving seat. We have a track record of helping organisations select and implement HR Information Systems successfully to get the most out of their investment.

We'll support you throughout the process.

1. Establishing HR Information System requirements

We'll scope out what your organisation wants to get out of the system and the analytics and KPIs your stakeholders will most value. We'll map any processes that can be improved and get to grips with how the user experience needs to work to ensure people use the system.

And if you need a business case to get internal investment we can prepare that for you too. 

2. HRIS selection

We'll use the agreed specification to test the market. As we don't offer our own system we can offer objective, research-based advice on the level of functionality, social integration and mobile accessibility you need.We can manage the whole process for you, from RFI to RFP, testing and selection.

3. Implementing HRIS

Using our change and project management expertise we will take care of the implementation process, from communications and engagement with your internal teams, through a national or multinational roll out.

4. HRIS optimisation

We'll help you get the best out of your HRIS, from a full review and realignment of your current systems and processes to building the dashboards and reports you need to run your organisation. If necessary we'll develop your analytical skills so you can understand and interrogate the data with confidence. 

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Last updated: 4 Sep 2019