Project Management

Bad Project Management feels like bureaucracy: too many meetings, too many documents and not enough action. But with the right approach, you can maximise the value from your project and get a result that fits comfortably with your culture and working practices.

Our approach is tailored depending on the size and complexity of your project, but we always come back to the four key steps that guarantee successful delivery of your project:

1 Project initiation

Before any work starts, we clarify what the project needs to deliver and how. We ensure all key stakeholders agree the objectives and the approach, minimising the likelihood of significant changes in scope later on in the project. 

2 Project delivery

We keep track of progress against plan and proactively deal with obstacles along the way. We can’t remove all the surprises that inevitably crop up, but we can make sure you’re equipped to deal with them. 

3 Benefits tracking

We establish clear accountabilities for each anticipated benefit and put measures in place to ensure they are achieved when your project goes live.

4 Project closure

Projects can drift into confusion and ambiguity if they are not properly concluded. Once you confirm the expected outputs have been delivered we will close down the project.  We’ll make sure the owners of new processes and technologies are clear about their responsibilities and have everything they need to fulfil them.

So you’ll have the reassurance of knowing your new ways of working are embedded for the long term.

Why Change Associates?

  • We have 250 associates with experience in managing projects of varying complexity across many industries.
  • We combine project management skills with subject matter expertise to give you the greatest chance of success.
  • Whatever your preferred methodology, we bring an agile approach to project management and change, tailoring it so that it works for your project.


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