Change Management

At Change Associates, we believe effective Change Management, managing the people side of change, needs to be woven into everything we do.

Successful project delivery is about more than the quality of the solution; it’s as much about the level of acceptance of the change within the organisation. Even projects that are loaded with expert technical resources and backed with substantial budgets will fail

Which is why we use this flexible framework to ensure success:

1 Case for Change

We describe the rationale for change in terms of numbers, business drivers, cultural changes and the business benefits so that it resonates with senior stakeholders whose buy-in is critical. 

2 Change Roadmap

Whilst the Project Manager works on the hard deliverables, we work with you to build the Change Roadmap and the Change Impact Assessment. These provide greater structure for the project, enabling the scope and the impact to be widely understood.

3 Communications Strategy and Plan.

This defines the tone of communications, the channels for delivery, and the feedback mechanisms needed to gauge how they land in the organisation. This may include wider Stakeholder Management.

4 Adoption Strategy

If your project depends on the use of new technology and systems, we can develop an Adoption Approach and Strategy to monitor usage and address any areas of difficulty or resistance.

5 Training and Learning Plan

Where new processes and systems require new skills and knowledge we'll develop a  Training and Learning Plan to close any gaps and build confidence. 

6 Readiness Assessment

This is a structured process that assesses your organisation's ability to accept the change. It will define the areas of strength and weakness, and provide guidance on how the change can be managed in the organisation.

Why Change Associates?

Strong Change Management drives acceptance of change, and eases the path to implementation, enabling project teams to remain focused. We will work with you to put the right solutions in place to continue to manage the change.

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