Business Transformation

Without effective deployment, implementation, project management and communications, any business transformation strategy will fail. Yet many large consultancies simply don’t do implementation, leaving the client to make things happen.

Large consultancies are big on strategy but their business models make it uneconomic for organisations to use them to implement change.

We don’t write strategies.

We make them happen.

When you work with Change Associates' Business Transformation consultants you’ll notice quite a contrast with traditional change management consultancies. You’re in control of the strategy; our expertise is in delivery.  

While we can adapt to any preferred model, most projects follow the following phases:

Business Transformation Diagram

1. Analysis

We’ll identify the hard and soft changes your transformation needs and help you develop a compelling business case. We’ll identify the stakeholder groups you need on board.

2. Engagement

Using surveys, research and workshops we’ll make sure you’ve got understanding and buy-in from your team and key stakeholders from the start.

3. Implementation Plan

We’ll agree on the overall objectives of the transformation and introduce ways of tracking the measurable benefits for reporting to stakeholders. At this stage, we’ll introduce the fundamentals of project management, such as reporting processes and infrastructures.

4. High-level design

Before getting into too much detail we’ll agree the shape of the transformation you expect to see.

5. Detailed design

Once the high-level design is agreed we’ll add the flesh to the bone to ensure everyone knows what we’re aiming for.

6. Test or Pilot

We normally build a testing or pilot stage into each project. Exactly what this looks like will depend on the type, scale and complexity of the change you need to deliver.

7. Implementation

Whether a big bang or a phased approach is better for your organisation, we’ll ensure the implementation goes according to plan.

8. Post-change

We’ll see the transformation through to avoid the post-change lull and ensure stakeholders recognise the benefits and the change are sustainable.

We’ll develop a strategy that ensures any staff who are leaving feel fairly treated, those remaining feel engaged and energised, and there is a succession plan in place to carry the transformation forward.

These stages are delivered by experts in change and project management who have hands-on experience of successful transformation projects. Our work is underpinned by ongoing communications and engagement that ensure stakeholders are fully aware of progress and the benefits realised. At the same time, our assurance, quality management and risk mitigation mean your project remains on track.

This ‘no surprises’ approach to business transformation means stakeholder engagement remains solid throughout the process.

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