Organisational change: a formula to empower and grow talent

2 Nov 2015

Organisational improvement projects, which involve the design of a new structure or model, invariably create "change". Typical change challenges faced by individuals include being re-evaluated, moving to a new team, following new reporting lines, adapting to new ways of working and simply going through uncertain times. Of course, the design (of a new organisational model, governance system, set of...


Transforming the HR model of a national broadcaster - a case study

15 Oct 2015

Change Associates case study about transforming the HR Operating Model of a National Broadcaster


To be a customer-centric organisation you need a 'new entrant' mindset

22 Sep 2015

If I had a fiver for each recent comment or blog I'd read on the subject of customer-centricity, I'd be heading off to the Caribbean on a very nice holiday. I think all this attention betrays a collective anxiety as we know that organisations are still struggling with the customer-centric agenda. Only a small minority of businesses are already accomplished omnichannel players - most are struggling...


Were poor performance management processes responsible for mis-selling scandals?

7 Sep 2015

Poorly executed performance management processes risk pressuring sales teams in the financial services sector into further mis-selling, according to new guidance released by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA guidance found that aggressive organisational and departmental targets create a cascade of pressure throughout firms. Middle managers, finding themselves responsible for achieving...