What kind of interim are you?

15 Feb 2016

What do Interims have in common and how do different interim characters bring different perspectives to organisations? Understanding interim 'character' is important when it comes to choice of assignment, approach and client need. What kind of Interim are you?


Helping the BBC create Respect at Work

11 Feb 2016

Change Associates worked with Dinah Rose QC and the BBC's own HR department to produce an objective review of behaviour within the BBC. Find our more here.


Creating a balanced leadership team

5 Feb 2016

It's human nature to surround ourselves with people who are just like us. It's a view that sets unrealistic expectations of - and intolerable pressure on - chief executives and other leaders. Find out more about our more liberating view on leadership.


Have you got what it takes to lead a transformation?

22 Jan 2016

Not every great tennis player can compete at Wimbledon. Not every senior leader can learn to do complex change. It takes 'character' and this isn't something that can necessarily be learned.


Change Associates' Review of the Year 2015

31 Dec 2015

Entering the last days of the year naturally provokes a period of reflection. And as we look back on the last 12 months for Change Associates, I'm proud that it has been a year of carefully considered growth and development, built on a bedrock of original research and positive partnerships. January The first Octagon Series event of 2015 considers why so many business transformation projects go off...


Disrupting consulting - what's driving the change?

9 Dec 2015

Consulting is facing the most fundamental change in its history. After more than 100 years of stability, an alternative business model is emerging, and this is being driven by smaller players seeking a foothold in the market and by clients who are becoming much smarter in how they buy consulting services. Enabled by affordable new technologies, the democratisation of knowledge and entrepreneurial ...


Building a major government department's procurement capability - a case study

23 Nov 2015

A reform review of a large government ministry concluded that the department needed to build on the strengths of its constituent elements and the wider Civil Service in a way that 'ensures the whole is more than the sum of its parts'. This meant devolving the previously centralised approach to procurement and capability management to five divisions. As part of this process, the department asked it...


Organisational change: a formula to empower and grow talent

2 Nov 2015

Organisational improvement projects, which involve the design of a new structure or model, invariably create "change". Typical change challenges faced by individuals include being re-evaluated, moving to a new team, following new reporting lines, adapting to new ways of working and simply going through uncertain times. Of course, the design (of a new organisational model, governance system, set of...


Transforming the HR model of a national broadcaster - a case study

15 Oct 2015

Change Associates case study about transforming the HR Operating Model of a National Broadcaster


To be a customer-centric organisation you need a 'new entrant' mindset

22 Sep 2015

If I had a fiver for each recent comment or blog I'd read on the subject of customer-centricity, I'd be heading off to the Caribbean on a very nice holiday. I think all this attention betrays a collective anxiety as we know that organisations are still struggling with the customer-centric agenda. Only a small minority of businesses are already accomplished omnichannel players - most are struggling...