For the best customer experience - make a deal and express your shared values

25 Mar 2017

Through interviews with organisations with a strong track record in optimising the customer experience and conversations with subject matter experts, we drew out ten ways in which organisations could address the challenges they currently face.


Customer experience - create a leadership ethos not an agenda

2 Mar 2017

The first in our series of blogs about optimising the customer experience. Our research identifies five challenges facing any organisation wishing to become more customer-centric. It includes 10 recommendations for overcoming these challenges, based on interviews with industry leaders such as John Lewis, Avis and Pick n Pay, case studies and our own in-house expertise.


Measuring and managing the customer experience - an old idea gains new currency

9 Dec 2016

We all, no doubt, have preferred models and frameworks that stand the personal test and time as new management fads come and go. And for me, the SERVQUAL model of service quality is one I return to again and again. For all its limitations, I've yet to come across a better encapsulation of how to analyse customer expectations.


How procurement can add value and reduces costs

17 Nov 2016

All too often, getting to a 'deal' with a vendor is the primary function of the Procurement team. Even then, in too many organisations, the Procurement team is often involved at a late stage in the buying cycle. Progressive organisations know how to enable Procurement to add a lot more value.


Leading in an omnichannel environment

9 Nov 2016

The omni-channel world provides a clash of old world and new world: different value chains co-existing; legacy ERP systems working alongside new digital technologies. If it can be made to work the consumer wins.but can the retailer win? What are the questions and challenges leaders and their teams need to face?


Leadership Psychology - Analysing Competence Gaps

30 Sep 2016

Some people feel they have to be good at every leadership dimension to justify taking on a leadership role. This has two critical consequences: leaders are making decisions so far out of their areas of competence they are damaging their business; secondly - potential leaders who recognise they have areas of weakness feel they have no place at the top table, which is a tragic waste of talent. We ex...


Why your organisation needs post-heroic leadership

12 Jul 2016

Today's organisations need a new model of leadership which no longer reveres heroes, says Val Sedounik. The truth is that an organisation is never a one-man show. So what's the alternative?


Is your organisation fit for the future?

20 Jun 2016

Organisations can - and must - refine their leadership practices, culture and structure to create a better way of working that's fit for the future, says Dr Val Sedounik.


Choosing an HRIS vendor - A Checklist

22 Apr 2016

Many considerations need to be taken into account when selecting and implementing HR information systems (HRIS). Here's our checklist of minimum requirements we expect from vendors when assessing them for our clients.


Two leadership words that make all the difference - balance and context

30 Mar 2016

Organisations invest a lot of money in leadership development but the end product can often overemphasise importance of the behavioural side of leadership, as if it is an end in itself rather than a means of delivering results. Find out how to ensure the effectiveness of leadership development.