Leaders need to raise their DQ

22 Sep 2017

Political, educational and business leaders need to embrace ‘digital’ to the point where its use as an adjective becomes almost redundant. For this to happen, a new form of intelligence needs to be cultivated.


What is business transformation?

Dictionary definition of Transformation
10 Jul 2017

Failing to find a satisfying definition of Business Transformation, David Cruise presents his own. Do you agree?


How OrgVue transformed our approach to Target Operating Model Design

OrgVue Sunburst Image
3 Jul 2017

Change Associates uses OrgVue, to model data-driven organisational designs quickly and cleanly for TOM projects. This blog explains why.


Change Associates on G-Cloud 9

Digital Cloud representing G-Cloud 9
14 Jun 2017

As part of our strategy of working more closely with the Public Sector, Change Associates has successfully applied to register on the G-Cloud 9 Framework.


Use the power of your brand to optimise customer experience

30 May 2017

Shared values, beliefs and principles that underpin organisational culture and decision-making need to be evident in every customer’s experience. So how can your organisation encapsulate shared values in a way that embeds them in all communications and interactions? The answer is your brand. Brand is still misunderstood by many and its importance even dismissed by the operational side of busines...


How do you transform your people proposition? Real life transformation enabled by HRIS – a case study approach

17 May 2017

Change Associates recently welcomed fifteen guests to a select HRIS event in partnership with Workday at Home House. We are immensely grateful to Ger Hussey of GSK and Martin Jackson of Grant Thornton for their open and honest case study accounts of their own HRIS-enabled people transformations. We’ve put together a synopsis of these stories below – drawing out the key points made by our speak...


To optimise the customer experience - find the story within the data

25 Apr 2017

Change Associates’ recent research into the drivers behind creating the optimal customer experience led to a number of discussions around data, as you might expect Data surrounds us, it’s everywhere, and there’s so much of it. Businesses that collect data can use it to predict future development; the most successful will use the messages from the data to set direction, communicate with teams...


For the best customer experience - make a deal and express your shared values

25 Mar 2017

Through interviews with organisations with a strong track record in optimising the customer experience and conversations with subject matter experts, we drew out ten ways in which organisations could address the challenges they currently face.


Customer experience - create a leadership ethos not an agenda

2 Mar 2017

The first in our series of blogs about optimising the customer experience. Our research identifies five challenges facing any organisation wishing to become more customer-centric. It includes 10 recommendations for overcoming these challenges, based on interviews with industry leaders such as John Lewis, Avis and Pick n Pay, case studies and our own in-house expertise.


Measuring and managing the customer experience - an old idea gains new currency

9 Dec 2016

We all, no doubt, have preferred models and frameworks that stand the personal test and time as new management fads come and go. And for me, the SERVQUAL model of service quality is one I return to again and again. For all its limitations, I've yet to come across a better encapsulation of how to analyse customer expectations.