How to build resilience

Evolution from ape to business person
22 Feb 2019

Associate Rod Yapp presents his personal approach to building personal resilience.


How I use orgvue in my operational effectiveness consulting

orgvue HR Processes Diagram
7 Feb 2019

As a consultant specialising in operational effectiveness, one of the most powerful tools I have at my disposal is orgvue from Concentra Analytics. In this blog I explain how and why I use it.


10 things I wish I'd known before my first Workday implementation

Workday screenshot
24 Jan 2019

Over several years consulting on Workday projects, David Cruise has developed a deep understanding of what makes for a successful implementation. In this blog, he explains ten lessons he's learned that he wishes he'd known for his first in-house Workday project.


Operating Model Design - The breakfast of champions

Two Weetabix
3 Jan 2019

Our latest case study looks at the Operating Model work we completed for Weetabix


Driving €17m savings for AVIS

Close shot of a white car
20 Dec 2018

Our latest case study explains how Change Associates saved Avis Budget Group achieve savings of €17m.


The significant role of HR in digital transformation

3 Dec 2018

We believe that digital transformation creates a vital role for HR and an opportunity to reassert the strategic value of the function. We identified four big opportunities for HR to lead in digital transformation


8 Shared Services lessons from those who've still got the scars

Abstract image suggesting global shared services
8 Nov 2018

The process of researching our report, The future of Shared Services in the Public Sector, revealed eight key points that anyone looking to implement Shared Services should keep in mind. We list them in this blog, along with 7 core competencies for leaders looking to introduce Shared Services.


4 ways to create the agile organisation

26 Oct 2018

Organisational agility, by which I mean anticipating and organising resources around change in order to keep up with trends and developments in tech, has become a priority for business. It is becoming clearer that successful organisations navigate and even promote continuous change to remain agile, resilient and relevant. How can an organisation establish this organisational agility? Here are f...


Break the silos to create collaborative working

19 Oct 2018

Gallup’s 2017 report, State of the American Workplace, showed that employees with strong friendships in the office are happier, enjoy their work more and are seven times more likely to work effectively than others. A recent Forbes article reports recent studies that indicate collaboration drives workplace performance; “Simply feeling like you’re part of a team of people working o...


The importance of leadership for successful change

Time for a new kind of leader
3 Oct 2018

While most organisations recognise the importance of developing leaders, few invest in leadership. Yet in this time of rapid change, where competitors can emerge overnight, the impact of leadership on the success of any change project cannot be underestimated. Organisations need to be ‘change ready’ and this must be enabled by leadership. A leader’s challenge is to set the scene...