Business transformation

Who owns a tech-enabled transformation programme?

Tech-enabled transformation project leader presenting to team
19 Mar 2020

With more and more technological disruption, there is a huge opportunity for organisations to use technology to drive innovation and competitor advantage. But who should lead this drive?


Digital Transformation and Business Transformation. What's the difference?

Digital overlay onto young woman's face
20 Feb 2020

The term 'digital transformation' has become so ubiquitous it has become difficult to define. David Cruise considers what we mean by digital transformation and how it differs from business transformation.


3 ways to improve people analytics in your organisation

HRD contemplates people analytics
13 Feb 2020

With the boom in the use of people analytics showing no sign of slowing down, Charlotte Gatehouse presents three steps to optimise your approach to people analytics.


Why do 70% of business transformation projects fail, 20 years after Kotter?

Abstract arrows indicating transformation
5 Sep 2019

More than two decades after Kotter's famous estimate and still only 30% of business transformation projects succeed. Why?


How to brief a business transformation consultancy

Two people preparing a brief for a business transformation consultancy
25 Apr 2019

If you’ve decided you need the services of a business transformation consultancy, setting out a clear brief now is time well invested. In this blog, David Cruise, Director of Business Transformation, shares seven key pieces of information he looks for in a brief. It's a simple checklist that could save you hours of time later on.


10 things I wish I'd known before my first Workday implementation

Workday screenshot
24 Jan 2019

Over several years consulting on Workday projects, David Cruise has developed a deep understanding of what makes for a successful implementation. In this blog, he explains ten lessons he's learned that he wishes he'd known for his first in-house Workday project.


Driving €17m savings for AVIS

Close shot of a white car
20 Dec 2018

Our latest case study explains how Change Associates saved Avis Budget Group achieve savings of €17m.


4 ways to create the agile organisation

26 Oct 2018

Organisational agility, by which I mean anticipating and organising resources around change in order to keep up with trends and developments in tech, has become a priority for business. It is becoming clearer that successful organisations navigate and even promote continuous change to remain agile, resilient and relevant. How can an organisation establish this organisational agility? Here are f...


The importance of leadership for successful change

Time for a new kind of leader
3 Oct 2018

While most organisations recognise the importance of developing leaders, few invest in leadership. Yet in this time of rapid change, where competitors can emerge overnight, the impact of leadership on the success of any change project cannot be underestimated. Organisations need to be ‘change ready’ and this must be enabled by leadership. A leader’s challenge is to set the scene...


The hard and soft sides of change management - are we getting the balance right?

21 Sep 2018

The roots of change management have been traced back to the beginning of the last century when anthropologist Arnold Van Gennep began documenting rites of passage all over the world. He identified three core stages – separating from the present; going through change; and establishing a future state.  Social scientists influenced much of the early thinking around change management, with ...