Author: Ruth Malone

OrgVue HR Processes Diagram
7 Feb 2019

As a consultant specialising in operational effectiveness, one of the most powerful tools I have at my disposal is OrgVue from Concentra Analytics. In this blog I explain how and why I use it.


2 Mar 2018

Digital transformation is bringing more with it than new IT strategies and tools. It requires fundamental business change and new ways of collaborating and delivering services within the business. This places HR leaders and their teams in a business-critical position to become drivers of change.


9 Feb 2018

As the rate of change accelerates and the type of change becomes more diverse so the ubiquity of business transformation will become even greater. And organisations will need to get much better at handling it. How can they do this?


OrgVue Sunburst Image
3 Jul 2017

Change Associates uses OrgVue, to model data-driven organisational designs quickly and cleanly for TOM projects. This blog explains why.