What kind of interim are you?

Most people know what an Interim Manager does and the benefits they can bring: quick to deliver; specialist expertise; cost-effective to name just three.

So the reasons why companies choose to use Interim Managers as a quick route to tackling a specific business problem are widely understood.

But not every Interim is the same. While they serve a much-needed purpose, each and every Interim Manager takes a different approach (the way they work); brings a unique perspective (their own experiences) and, not to be under-estimated, their own personality. These elements combined result in a uniquely individual character, which enables the interim to excel in particular environments.

So, what kind of character are you?

In my years of meeting and interviewing hundreds of Interims, I always find something that stands out about that person that I take away and think 'this is what this Interim's characteristic is'. And although everyone is different, I've identified six type of character whom I believe can make the greatest difference for clients.

Are you an Interventionist? The kind of Interim that enjoys stepping into a situation, bringing clarity and structure to get to the heart of the issue and then driving through to a resolution

Perhaps you're a Turnaround Interim and you enjoy the challenge of systematically tackling the issues of a failing situation, fixing the issues and restoring order.

Or are you Delivery-focused? Analysing what needs doing, rolling your sleeves up and getting it done.

Maybe you prefer to step into the shoes of another and make that role your own and carry out Business as usual positions.

Or being a Leader, directing the activities of teams and business units, engaging them and taking them on a journey.

And then there's the Enabler, who can inform and implement practical strategies to gain traction in a situation and mobilise an organisation.

You may well argue 'well I work can work in different capacities and could do more than one of these.' And you're right; these are not mutually exclusive and many Interims can certainly work that way. But if you really examine which of the assignments you have most enjoyed, you are likely to find that you lean towards those that have a certain characteristic.

Ultimately, everyone has their reasons for choosing the assignments that they do, but there are three common traits I always come across when speaking with an Interim Manager:

  • Getting a sense of achievement after every assignment.
  • Enjoying the challenge.
  • Seeking variety in the work they do

One thing I can say is that the majority of Interims act as change agents, as they bring insight to an organisation, and leave behind knowledge.

And if you can do that effectively, perhaps we should talk. I can be contacted on 0207 101 1979 or email: satya.chumber@changeassociates.com

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