Time to step up to the mark for the flexible workforce

Last week, Rishi Sunak announced that, in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, the government would cover 80% of the salary of workers to encourage companies to keep them on the payroll. Several days later have yet to hear of any similar measures for the self-employed and freelancers. 

At Change Associates, our business model centres on a network of 250 hard working, self-employed consultants. It’s a model that enables us to provide clients with experienced experts (all our associates have experience with the Big 4 consultants or in senior corporate roles) cost-effectively and flexibly.  

New ways of working have given organisations and individuals access to a flexible workforce that can help with anything from life-saving research to personal fitness training. 

It's frustrating then, that freelancers, gig-workers and the self-employed have yet to receive the same level of reassurance as the employed. 

The government’s interventions to date have been significant and decisive. 

But not comprehensive. 

I'm sure that with voices as influential as Lord Mervyn King lobbying for greater urgency in the consideration of those not in traditional employment, great minds are working on this “operationally difficult” problem. 

I ask the government to come up with a conclusive solution in the next few days, and so provide this group with the same reassurance as their employed colleagues. 


Grahame Russell
CEO, Change Associates


Last updated: 25 Mar 2020