How orgvue transformed our approach to Target Operating Model Design

When designing a new Target Operating Model, getting buy-in to the approach is as important as the quality of the final design itself. If decision makers lack confidence in how the design work is carried out, they become equally unsure about the solution.

That’s why, in my experience, data-driven decision making is critical.

This approach provides many benefits:

  • Getting early buy-in from key stakeholders becomes easier because they can see the logic of the approach.
  • The credibility of the project and those running it is enhanced because the data behind the process is shared and widely understood.
  • Decision-making becomes more robust and more rapid when all decision makers are working from the same data.
  • The approach provides a clear audit trail of the decisions made and the data used to make them.
  • Decisions can be revisited easily whenever the key data change.

Naturally, the approach requires an investment in collecting and analysing of data to realise these benefits. This means your project team needs to include researchers and analysts who can access and understand the data and apply it to your project.

In addition, a TOM design team will also need to include expertise in generating creative solutions and stakeholder communication and management to ensure a smooth delivery.

How Change Associates uses orgvue

Change Associates uses our partnership with Concentra and their flagship product, orgvue, to model data-driven organisational designs quickly and cleanly. 

orgvue is a platform that enables teams to connect data from across the organisation graphically without the need for specialist IT knowledge. It is widely used for organisational charting, HR analytics, organisational design, transition management and workforce planning.

We use orgvue, as an organisational design tool to: 

  • Load and cleanse data
  • Visualise and analyse data
  • Model and refine data

By using OrgVue, we’ve reduced the time taken to analyse organisational data and to model changes by 50%.

An additional benefit is that orgvue improves accuracy as it overcomes the challenges of transferring data between packages such as PowerPoint and Excel, which are often used for this task.

It’s no exaggeration to say that orgvue has transformed the quality of our Target Operating Model Design proposition.

orgvue helps us to model alternative organisational designs rapidly, gain insights to inform the organisation design, and accurately assess the impact of change.

And as well as being significantly faster than traditional methods, orgvue also takes the pain out of the analysis, reducing the need for complex formatting. The graphical output is easy to communicate and understand and so makes for smoother decision making.

If you’re interesting hearing more about how we could use orgvue and our TOM approach for your organisation design, please get in touch.

Ruth Malone, Director, Business Transformation Practice