Helping the BBC create Respect at Work

The Respect at Work Review was prepared with the help of Dinah Rose QC, a barrister with expertise in human rights, discrimination and employment law and Change Associates working alongside the BBC's own HR department.

The remit was to explore what it is like to work at the BBC with regards to respect and appropriate behaviour in line with the BBC Values in the wake of the Savile crisis. A variety of research methods were used to enable people who work for the organisation to provide their honest perspectives on what it is like to work there in terms of respect and appropriate behaviour, in a safe environment.

The 930 respondents (a vast majority of whom were self-selected) to the 'Respect at Work' review represented all levels of the organisation (from Director to Runner and everything in between); length of service ranged from 6 weeks to 40 years; from multiple regions; a wide range of business areas and functions; and third-party suppliers.


Read the full BBC Respect at Work case study here.