What we do


Change Associates makes change happen more quickly, more successfully and more cost-effectively.

Projects are delivered by a team of experienced change management consultants selected from our network of more than 200 quality assured associates.

This gives us the flexibility to adapt the composition of the delivery team as your project progresses, so you get the expertise you need when you need it and don’t pay for it when you don’t.

Our Business Transformation consultants use the ways of working you prefer to implement your change project and ensure it delivers its expected results. We’ll see the transformation through from start to finish to make sure all your stakeholders recognise the benefits and the change is sustainable.

Our Leadership and Performance specialists deliver the unique Leadership for Results™ programme to assess your leadership, shape them into high performing teams and accelerate their development with a programme tailor-made for your organisation. The associate team includes assessors, leadership development experts and executive coaches.

These two core streams are offered independently or can be seamlessly integrated, taking your organisation through change and ensuring your leadership can sustain the success of the programme and the business in the long-term.

Effective communications and engagement mean that all stakeholders have a shared vision of the objectives of your project, ensuring alignment and coordination.

We’re pragmatic too.

We recognise that you want sustainable solutions but can’t afford to wait long to see results, so we follow a pragmatic approach in our assignments, delivering short-term wins that reinforce the case for long-term commitment to the programme.

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