What matters to us

Our Values


Bringing together subject matter experts for the benefit of our clients

Change Associates is made up of a core management and administrative team and a wider network of 300+ consultant and subject matter expert associates, to form a community that pools ideas and knowledge. We enjoy spending time together in our online associate zone, working on projects and in regular social events.

This sense of community extends to clients and partners. Our Octagon series of events brings people together to discuss business issues of shared concern, such as improving the customer experience, HRIS selection and implementation, and new approaches to performance management. 


Quality assured associates and projects delivered through an affordable model

As differentiating between consultants becomes increasingly difficult, and competing on price alone means clients rarely get the result they want, the only way we can differentiate ourselves is on the quality of our work. That's why every associate and every project is rigorously quality assured by our management team. 

And while we don't claim to be the cheapest option, our flexible model means we offer a realisticially affordable alternative to traditional consultancies. 


Building long term relationships with clients and associates by delivering on our promises

Relationships of value and longevity are based on mutual trust and keeping promises. We're always open with our clients, partners, associates and each other, which means being clear about what we can and cannot do, and about our expectations of others.  

We hold each other to account and expect others to do the same. We do so in a culture of mutual respect where we recognise each others' rights, responsibilities and expertise, and we are all working towards the shared objective of addressing our clients' priorities.  


Diversity and Inclusion

Change Associates believes the diversity of our people and associate community, and our inclusive approach, gives us a wider perspective, enriches our services and enables us to make a positive impact for our clients.